Varieties of Sun Film and Their Differences

There are almost three types of solar film s. They are dyed sun film, metalized sun film, and ceramic sun film. The dyed sun film is manufactured by introducing a layer of dye on a polyester film and they are glued together by an adhesive. This sun film is not very effective in controlling heat within a building. It absorbs suns radiation but gets heated in the process. There is also a possibility of the glass cracking due to the heat generated. The metalized film is manufactured by introducing a metal into the polyester layer. Sometimes a layer of dye is also used. This film prevents the heating of room by reflecting away suns radiation. This film is more effective than a dyed film in cooling the room. The ceramic film is made from nano-ceramic technology and this is a fairly new technology. This film is thicker than the other two types of films. This film can block more of suns radiation and prevents room heating by almost two times in comparison to the other two types of films. This film is also the most expensive. This film also gives the advantage of clarity.

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Smoking bans are nothing new. Restaurants, bars, casinos, government buildings… well, most public areas in Missoula are already smoke-free. Starting in the fall, the UM campus will become tobacco-free.